wiring 1.jpg Note: This is a mockup, not how I am actually using it.

IEC320 C14 250V Fuse Inlet Male Power Supply Connector w Rocker Switch - March 28, 2019

Note: This document assumes you have some knowledge of how PC's, OS's, Files Systems, Software and Electricity work.
iec320_toggle_switch.jpg I had a lot of problems finding any wiring diagrams online for this specific style power connector. iec320.jpg IEC320 C14 is a type of plug. It's a 3 Prong plug that is used for most Desktop style Power Supplies, LCD's and other power cable needs. The switch on this version is a 3 prong (pin) toggler switch with a lighted switch. There are 3 versions for this style switch. The majority you will find are 4 prong (pin) toggler switch. I do not have one of these at this time, so no diagram, but they can be found pretty easily. There is also a 2 prong (pin) toggler switch. These have no light on the switch. Use the 3 prong wiring diagram above, but ignore the jumper for the lighted switch. "To Ground" means wired to earth. Connecting metal parts to earth ground eliminates shock hazards in the event of a short circuit. Golden rule of Electrcity, don't be stupid. DO NOT TOUCH THE POWER SUPPLY WHILE IT IS PLUGGED IN whether it is powered on or not. * Unplug it first before handling it. * Build or buy a metal enclousure for it. * Ground it to the metal enclousure for more saftey. * Respect electricty or it will kill you dead.