Note: This document assumes you have some knowledge of how PC's, OS's, Files Systems, Software and Electricity work.
Here are a couple of scripts that you might like.

For the record, beyond the Starting Script of priming the nozzle
I still use a Skirt/Brim for max priming of the nozzle
Skirt Layer: 1
Skirt Offsite from Part: 4mm
Skirt Outlines: 2

Starting Script
G28 ;home all axes
G92 E0 ;reset extruder distance
G1 X0 Y10 Z0.2 F3000 ;get ready to prime
G1 X25 E5 F600 ;prime nozzle, 25mm long, extrude 5mm filament
G1 Z1 F5000 ;lift head by 1mm
G1 X30 F5000 ;move head 5mm more right
G28 Z0 ;home Z axis again before printing
Ending Script
M104 S0 ;turn off extruder
M140 S0 ;turn off bed
G91 ;use relative coordinates
G1 E-1 F300 ;retract filament a bit
G1 Z1 F5000 ;lift head by 1mm
G90 ;use absolute coordinates
G28 X0 ;home X axis
G1 Y195 ;move Y axis forward
M84 ;disable motors
M107 ;turn off fan