Rambo 1.4a Upgrade/Replacement - February 5, 2019

Ultimachine - Rambo 1.4
V1 Engineering - Rambo 1.4
Note: This document assumes you have some knowledge of how PC's, OS's, Files Systems, Software and Electricity work.
I made a couple of extra annotations to the Rambo 1.4 diagram that exists already. LCD EXP 1 and 2. The Red wire will most likly go towards the inside of the board. The cables should flip around one way or the other to allow that to work. Print Cooling Fan (Fan 0) is not the fan cooling the E-Motor. That fan should be connected directly to the power supply. The Print Cooling Fan (Fan 0) is the Variable Speed fan that cools the plastic as you print. You might think FAN 2 is for the E-Moror cooling fan. I could not get that to work. Besides, I want this fan on all the time, so connect it directly to the power supply. Note the orientation of the Pins for the End Stops in yellow. As far as I can tell, which wire goes on which pin doesn't matter. Only that you are using the S and - for the End Stops, not the +. This depends on what kind of End Stop switches you are using. The typical End Stop is wired as NO (Normally Open). If a wire breaks or the End Stop stops working, it should Close (Triggered or High) and not Home. Search the web for more details if you need them. I've had some issues with the Y Axis movement and homing direction. But this is firmware related. Make sure the motor wires are connected correctly. I always want to get the direction correct in Firmware, never invert in software. Hope this helps. Marlin 2.0 Firmware settings